About ViewPointe Counseling

At ViewPointe, we encourage you to think of us as your “mental” spa, helping to improve your mind, body and spirit. You simply cannot look and feel your best unless you address the cause of any underlying problems. Even the best hairstyle or facial can't disguise the stress and anxiety in your face and eyes.

In our (staff's) 175+ years of experience, we have come to understand what causes life's hiccups and how to make them better - as quickly as possible. We get very excited about helping people learn ways to deal with the surprises, disappointments, losses, and all of the “stuff” that just adds up over the years.

Do you remember when you last felt happy and healthy? We don't believe that should be something in the past, but rather in the immediate future and throughout the rest of your life.

You might be surprised to know that it often takes only one or two appointments with our counselors, psychiatrist or psychologist for you to begin to regain your happy, healthy self.

Anxiety and stress can be totally debilitating. It simply doesn't need to be that way. A shopping trip, pedicure, spa day or other little quick pick-me-up may ease your distress temporarily, but, the ViewPointe "mental" spa approach can reap rewards that last a lifetime.

At ViewPointe, we believe it is time to put your needs at the top of your "to-do" list. We know you will be happy you did and those around you will notice your improved perspective on life.

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