The ViewPointe Counseling Difference

ViewPointe Counseling offers services that in essence help you to learn to do what you already know you want to do. Rather than concentrate on well served sections of the public in need of critical and long term psychiatric care, ViewPointe serves as a resource for an often overlooked segment of our population.

Our passion is helping people learn ways to deal with the surprises, disappointments, losses, stress with adult children and the everyday “stuff” that can add up just living life.

Every industry and service has its own jargon. It often gets in the way of communicating with individualsw not a part of that industry or service. You have enough to deal with in your every day life without learning a whole new "language" that often seems to take itself more seriously than your issues. At ViewPointe, we are counseling real people in terms and language they can understand.

Many people feel they need to work through their own problems, sacrificing their wants and needs due to the pressures of demands on their time. At ViewPointe, we show you how taking time for yourself can actually be liberating and allow you to use your time more efficiently.

With all of the effort you spend taking care of your job, your family, extended family and friends, we at ViewPointe would like to help you see how important your health and happiness are. Let's face it, you simply cannot do what you need to do without taking care of yourself and being at your best.

With five full time counselors, ViewPointe offers you the appropriate counselor for your specific needs. Your counseling is all about you. This match is essential whether you goal is individual, couple, family or group counseling. Our facility was also designed with your privacy in mind. We provide a discreet private entrance.

Talking to our friends and family can be helpful, but working out situations with a professional can be truly cathartic. Give us a call and let us help.